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About Sunrose

Executive Management The Sunrose operations are coordinated by the Iran based management team with extensive experience in the business. The Director and the top management team have the support of a strongly committed group of managers and staff across all its business activities.
At Sunrose we put our efforts to ensure that our people understand the important contribution they make to significant global agricultural challenges, and to reinforce our commitment towards our society.
Upholding high ethical standards has always been fundamental to our culture. At Sunrose we underline the importance of each individual’s behavior in maintaining the company’s reputation. The company provides guidance and information helping our employees to live up to our values and commitments.
We have refreshed our corporate brand and are now embarking on a journey to build, strengthen and protect our brand as we capitalize on our market and business opportunities..
In our pursuit to maintain high standards in all our operations we are strengthening our manpower by adding more new recruits across businesses.

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